New BandPage features for Facebook Timeline

Today we’re excited to announce that BandPage now powers over 500,000 musicians around the globe! We’re celebrating this milestone with the launch of several new features that will help artists connect with fans and share their music through Facebook. We’re rolling these features out over the next few days, but we’ve got all of the details below.

Your BandPage Just Got Bigger:
We’ve updated BandPage to allow you to take advantage of the wider 810 pixel Timeline layout, giving you a larger canvas to express yourself and connect with fans. The new BandPage has an increased banner size at 810px by 360px, so you now have more room to promote your music and showcase your videos.

Facebook will transition all Facebook Pages to Timeline on March 30th, All BandPages will not receive the Timeline layout automatically (yet). To enable the new Timeline layout of BandPage you must visit your BandPage on Facebook, where you will see an option to preview or switch to the new BandPage. BandPage for Timeline will launch in the next few days, but here’s a screenshot to give you a heads up.

More Sharing & Visibility:
Artists will be able to instantly and easily promote their latest songs, videos, and show dates when updating their BandPage.  It will post updates to your Page’s Wall when you add new tracks, show dates, and videos. This is one of the best ways to take advantage of the new Timeline features.

Additionally, we’ve added new buttons that will allow your fans, with just one click, to tell their friends about your latest content across Facebook. Tracks can now be marked as a “Favorite”, which connects to a Fan’s Timeline and updates their friend’s Facebook Ticker with an update about your track.  Fans can mark your show dates as “I Want To Go” and “I’m Going”, which will post to their Timeline and Ticker as well. If your Shows have a Facebook Event, fans will RSVP when they click “I’m Going”.

With this launch, fans will now add the BandPage application to their Timeline, which will showcase their latest activity on BandPage. For fans, this is a great way to showcase their favorite musicians and the shows that they’re going to, and for Musicians the BandPage app on Timeline will help spread the word about your music.

Here is what BandPage looks like on a fan’s Timeline:

BandPage, as displayed on a fan’s Timeline when they look at their BandPage activity:

This is a huge day for BandPage! In the coming months you can expect more innovation and tools that will make your musical life easier and more productive – we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

J Sider and the BandPage Team

29 responses to “New BandPage features for Facebook Timeline

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  2. Some very welcome improvements :). So are you still RootMusic or only BandPage?

  3. I’m using it :)

  4. Great Idea _ the bandpage for fan activities!

  5. Looks great! Two suggestions…

    1. Make the small BandPage icon button on the timeline page fill out the rest of the box with black. It looks weird with it not filled in with something. Reverbnation did a good job of this… (but your features are a much more useful).

    2. Have a “Remove Download Numbers” feature when an artist/band uses “Edit Page”. It’s confusing for fans to see a song was downloaded if the song later isn’t later available for download anymore off the player.

  6. All as one, in togetherness!

  7. Yes!!! This was much needed. Now if you could just let me in the Bandpage Beta Group ;)

  8. Oops. Loos like I just missed the first email. Ok so I will be looking out for future tests :)

  9. You write: “To enable the new Timeline layout of BandPage you must visit your BandPage on Facebook, where you will see an option to preview or switch to the new BandPage.”

    I see no such option either in BP’s settings or Fb’s App settings. I adopted Fb’s Timeline very soon after it was launched.

    So, will my BandPage’s transition be automatic? And what will happen to the header image already there?

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  11. Hello friends
    I have not found this option with the new layout …..

  12. Yea I can’t find anywhere to upgrade to the new width either.

  13. I have the same problem here. Can’t see any option to transition to the new band page style. Any ideas?

  14. So when are these changes being rolled out? It’d be nice to have an idea because it seems like things aren’t coming through as quickly as hoped. Thanks!

  15. When is the new width coming? Love your service by the way!

  16. neither can I, am I to assume its only available to some people at this stage or is it available to everyone now?

  17. I think that we’ll probably find that BP’s new Timeline format is released to coincide with Facebook’s Timeline completion date of March 30th – So, not too long to go from now.

  18. This is pretty awesome. I’m glad that they came out with this. We just put a video of our band on which gave us a ton of views and a new audience and someone had commented there about looking into the new bandpage thing on facebook. GREAT IDEA. all others should check out the site makeastar if you wanna upload some videos of your ban.

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  20. Any word on a release date for the Timeline layout yet? I’m going to need to change a huge number of clients’ pages to the new dimensions and it would be great to get a head start!

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