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Or, how to get the flossiest BandPage on the web

Facebook announces Timeline for Pages

Today, Wednesday February 29th, Facebook announced that Pages will switch to a Timeline layout on March 30th, 2012. While Timeline brings a new layout for your page, we have been prepared for this and already upgraded your BandPage.

To help you prepare your Page for the new Timeline layout, we’ve created Best Practices for Facebook Timeline Pages.

The slideshow above runs through all of the different changes coming, the new features that have been added, and suggestions for how you can take advantage of Timeline. Timeline creates a lot of new opportunities for BandPage, and we are very excited to bring you new features and additions that will make BandPage even more useful for musicians and fans.

We’ve got some great things coming, and we’d love to hear your feedback, or any questions that you may have. Please feel free to respond in the comments below, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your thoughts.
J Sider and the RootMusic Team

Best Practices: Musicians on Facebook

Last week we shared an Infographic for How Musicians used Facebook in 2011, and this week we’d like to follow that up with some Best Practices for Facebook.

We’ve based these Best Practices off of the research and work we’ve done with artists big and small over the last two years. By implementing these tactics, musicians are taking advantage of the variety of opportunities on Facebook to be discovered and heard by fans from all over the world.

We plan to share more Best Practices and Tips in 2012, so please leave us a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see next!

How Musicians used Facebook in 2011

At RootMusic we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can give the most value to musicians through providing tools, guidance, support, and today we want to give you information. We’ve been tracking the Top 250 Musicians on Facebook, looking at best practices and strategies to be successful on the Platform. In most cases, these are musicians that have teams of people working with them and making their Facebook presence really effective, so we’d like to share with you what they’re doing that has worked for them over the past year.

Imagine handing out fliers to 10,000 people every day, starting a conversation with each person, letting each one listen to a few of your songs, and telling them about your upcoming show. With Facebook, you can have the same effect with just a few clicks of the mouse. We’ve put together this Infographic to provide a picture of what the most popular artists are doing with Music on Facebook.

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Best Practices Pt 10: Like to Listen

Are you releasing new material? Make your new songs like-to-listen and send fans to your BandPage. Create buzz by leaking your songs on the BandPage before they’re available for sale. Give your fans a free download to show your appreciation in exchange for a like or an email.

You can use gated content to grow your fan base – whether you’re using like to listen, like to download, email to listen or email to download. Using the gated content options will incentivize fans to like your page or join your mailing list before they can stream or download songs. This will help grow your fan base; when a fan likes your page on Facebook, they are subscribing to your posts and updates. Likewise, growing your mailing list is another great way to keep in touch with fans and let them know about your latest and greatest.

You can activate this feature by going to the tools editor at and selecting your tracks. We recommend that you make a few songs like-to-listen, but not all of them. Let new fans hear your music before they like your page.

Best Practices in the Wild: Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday has really taken best practices to heart. Today, they’re releasing a new song from their upcoming album every hour. It’s a great way to engage fans, get them to return to the BandPage and share your content. Take some inspiration from their new campaign – what are you doing to keep your fans coming back?

Best Practices Pt. 9: Engage your Fans Pt. 2

So now that you know how to engage your fans, how you can measure results and why is that important?

Once you’ve posted comments that are getting high engagement, you can gauge their success by checking them out in your Facebook Insights. You can access your insights by going to the wall and selecting “Insights” from the options towards the top of the right hand column. Once you’re there, you can see how successful your posts have been.

What do these squiggly lines mean? Here, you can see how many likes, comments and unsubscribes your posts are getting. Below that, you can see the number of impressions (or number of times someone saw your post), as well as the feedback percentage. The feedback percentage calculates the number of people who liked or commented on your post out of the total number of people who saw it. The more comments and likes you get, the better – you can gauge what your fans are responding to and why.

The more your posts are interacted with, the higher your posts will appear in the Top News Feed. To learn more about the formula that gets your posts to the top of the Top News Feed, check out this TechCrunch article.

Best Practices pt. 8: Engage your Fans Pt. 1

There’s nothing quite as nice as getting a ton of comments on your posts. Fans want to show you some love, and posts that get more likes and comments will appear at the top of the top news news feed. But you’re probably wondering: how do I get my fans to comment and like my posts?

There’s a ton of advice about this out there, but we really like this Hypebot article. Make your posts short and sweet, and be sure to post when your fans are using Facebook. Posting at 3 a.m. when everybody’s asleep will decrease visibility, but posting on weekends will get more comments. Be sure not to spam your fans – if you post too frequently, your fans might hide your updates in their feed. But make sure you don’t leave them in the cold! We like to post 3-5 times a week, and no more than 3 times a day. As big dates approach – shows, album releases, in store meet ups – be sure to keep them in the know!

Step 7: Promote Exclusive Releases with Bandpage

After months of work, you’ve finally finished your album or EP. Now it’s time to create some hype – so why not leak a song on your BandPage? Before the album hits stores, offer your Facebook fans an exclusive listen by posting a song on your BandPage before it hits stores. You can even offer an exclusive download! Make your song like to listen or download; this way, existing fans will be rewarded with a special preview, and non-fans will like your page in order to hear your new material. If you’re a BandPage Plus user, you can make your songs email for stream or download, as well.

Let your fans know that they can have a taste of your album on the BandPage and Encourage your fans to share your exclusive new track.

Best Practices pt 6: Use your link

Whenever talking about your band – interviews, events, on your website, on your Twitter – be sure to link back to the BandPage. That way, fans will know that your BandPage is the hub of your music online. Use your link to direct fans to your straight to the BandPage – it’ll guarantee that fans are redirected to the BandPage. The link will always land on the BandPage – a sure fire way to make sure your fans land on the music every time.

You can find your link under the settings tab on your BandPage. Wanna change it? You can request a new one there, as well.

Best Practices pt 5: Keep posting new content & use AutoShare

The best way to get the most out of your BandPage? Use it all the time! Your fans love what you’re doing, and they want to know about your latest and greatest – so give it to them.

Upload all your new videos, new songs and new tour dates to the BandPage as they come out. Spruce up your BandPage with a fresh design. Let them know that they can come back to the BandPage to check out your latest tunes, show dates and more. When your fans come to rely on your BandPage as the hub of your music, they’ll return time and time again to a place where all your content is dynamically shareable.

You can use AutoShare to take some of the extra work out of posting updates. By enabling AutoShare, an update will be posted to your wall every time you upload new videos, tracks and shows. You can enable AutoShare under the messaging tab – hit “Enable AutoShare” and add a custom message that will go out when you add new content. Check out the video to see how to enable AutoShare: