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Who uses Facebook? Infographic

We found this rad infographic about the age breakdown of Facebook and Twitter users. Just wanted to share it with you guys. You can find the original post at Community102.

Video chat & the growth of sharing on Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook announced that they’re revamping their chat. You’ll be able to chat as a group and use Skype-powered video chat. Pretty neat, eh?

We watched the live announcement on Livestream, and were intrigued by Mark Zuckerberg’s introduction. He had some poignant things to say about sharing and its exponential growth. In the intro, Zuckerberg reinforces the importance of sharing and talks about how sharing is one of the key features of Facebook. With that in mind…have you shared a song today?

You can read more about it in this TechCrunch article.

Best Practice Guide: Marketing on Facebook

Today, Facebook released a Best Practice Guide for Marketing on Facebook. We took a peek, and wanted to share some of their wisdom. While most of this information is directed at brands, we thought that musicians might find some of the info helpful.

They start with 5 guiding principles:

– Build a strategy that is social by design

– Create an authentic brand (musician) voice

– Make it interactive

– Nurture your relationships

– Keep learning

What does this mean for a musician? This means interacting with your fans on Facebook, staying true to your voice and spending time updating your content on Facebook. Respond to your fans when they post comments, ask them questions and make sure to sound like yourself – not like a robot posting links to videos and shows.

They also list out a few objectives to keep in mind when using your Facebook page to interact with fans:

– Foster product (music) development and innovation

– Generate awareness

– Drive preference and differentiation

– Increase traffic and sales

– Build loyalty and deepen relationships

– Amplify recommendation and word of mouth

– Gain insights

At first glance, this can sound like a bunch of marketing gobbledygook, but for musicians it’s as simple as listening to your fans, getting fans excited and letting them know about your latest and greatest. Got a new song? Share it! Shows coming up? Post them! Start conversations with your fans by sharing new tracks and asking for feedback. Encourage your fans to share songs. Let them know that they can return to your BandPage to check out updated content and new tracks.

We want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your BandPage, so after reading Facebook’s list of suggestions, here are a few our own, tailored for musicians:

– Make BandPage the default landing tab. (You can do this by going to the edit page button >> Default Landing Tab section)

– Share songs and shows to your fans, as well as encouraging fans to share songs with their friends.

– Update, update, update! Give fans a reason to return to the BandPage and check out new content.

– Use your link – fans will always land on the BandPage when following a link

Get the full Facebook guide here!

Convert Personal Profiles into Pages

Why is this awesome? We’ve seen so many rad bands who are using personal profiles to manage their fans, but they’re limited by personal profile restrictions. You can’t have more than 5000 friends, apps can’t be added to personal profiles and friend requests have to be approved.

Now that bands with personal profiles can switch to Facebook fan pages, they can start getting more fans without having to approve new likes, gain an unlimited amount of likes and add apps like BandPage. Now all your fans can finally hear your music on Facebook! New Facebook features also allow users to log into Facebook as a page, liking content on other pages, adding likes to the page and receiving notifications of new comments and likes. One of our favorite things about converting a personal profile into a page is that all your “friends” are automatically converted into “fans.” No extra leg work required!

Learn more about it out on Facebook!