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3 Easy Steps to Transition Your ArtistData Shows

Now that BandPage has a really cool new way to automatically fill your touring schedule for you, we’ve made some changes that users currently using ArtistData need to be aware of. BandPage is dropping support for directly syncing with ArtistData — instead, you have the option of three different event listing services to use to power your touring schedule. The good news? All of these listing services are supported through ArtistData’s Concert Database tool, the same tool that was being used to push show data directly to BandPage from the ArtistData system in the past.

The change is perhaps best illustrated in a quick drawing (provided by our resident doodler-extraordinaire, whose identity shall forever remain a closely-guarded secret).

ArtistData Integration – An Illustrated Summary

Day 1

Step 1: Choose service + Setup ArtistData publishing

Now that you have options, it’s decision time! Take your pick from any of the three supported integrations: SonicLiving, Songkick, or Bandsintown. We don’t play favorites here — they’re all great! Each has their own unique abilities, so check them out and see which one you feel most comfortable with.

Once you’ve made a decision, it’s time to crank the proverbial valve and get your show data pumping in to that service’s databases. To do that, you need to open up the Concert Database Tool in ArtistData. On the left, you’ll see a whole bunch of concert listings. Just locate the one that you picked, click it, and then click the light blue “Activate” button on the right-hand side of the page to tell ArtistData to start sending your shows to that app.

Enabling publishing from ArtistData using the Concert Database Tool

Day 2

Note: It’s best to do these steps a day after you complete step one, just to allow enough time for the shows to get pushed over to the new service. This will prevent any problems with your shows temporarily disappearing while you wait for the new data to come in.

Step 2: Uninstall ArtistData

Now that you’ve got the replacement prepped, it’s time to take off those old shows. To uninstall ArtistData, click the button that says “Disable ArtistData.” This will turn off the ArtistData sync for your BandPage, and you can start using the new event sync feature in BandPage.

Step 3: Install new service + Approve shows

Click the “Sync” button next to “Add Show.” This will pop the sync area open, where you can choose which new service you want to use. Just choose the one that you selected in step 1.

After a short delay, your shows should appear in an queue for you to approve for display on your BandPage. You can approve shows individually or just hit “Approve All” if you want to be lazy (we’re lazy, that’s why we put that button in!)

Now your shows should be showing up on your BandPage, just like before! As new shows come in you’ll be emailed and you can log back into the editor and approve them instantly. You can also set up ‘auto-approval’ for this feature, meaning that all new shows will be automatically put on your BandPage as soon as they come in.

That’s all, folks!

Thanks for taking the time to move your shows over to this new system. We promise it’s worth it! We’re always working on improvements to the touring schedule (like adding RSVP buttons, for one thing!) — by following these few steps, you’re making your BandPage future-compatible for all our cool upgrades.

If you’re having trouble with the process, or have suggestions on how to make this better, please visit the BandPage Support Center and drop us a line! We’re always happy to help you out.