Best Practices: Musicians on Facebook

Last week we shared an Infographic for How Musicians used Facebook in 2011, and this week we’d like to follow that up with some Best Practices for Facebook.

We’ve based these Best Practices off of the research and work we’ve done with artists big and small over the last two years. By implementing these tactics, musicians are taking advantage of the variety of opportunities on Facebook to be discovered and heard by fans from all over the world.

We plan to share more Best Practices and Tips in 2012, so please leave us a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see next!

16 responses to “Best Practices: Musicians on Facebook

  1. Thank you! Definitely interested in more.

  2. thank you, i was not aware of edge ranking! It makes us all work a little harder, but oh well. Very helpful.

    Troy Perry
    Managing Partner
    New Country Records

  3. very clear and easy to read. thanks so much

  4. is it your page or your person that you’re hoping to get tagged in photos? How does it help if it’s your face, rather than your band, being tagged?
    thanks for all the info tho!

    • Your page. When a fan tags your page in the photo your page gains all of the benefits that we described in the slidedeck – Ex: Facebook will pick up that the fan is more engaged with the band, so Facebook will show more of that band’s content to the fan.

  5. Great tips! thanks I will make sure to update my FB page!!

    Phil Conil (Dj / Producer)
    Surbeats Records
    Make Girls Crazy Records

  6. Although I was aware of most of this info (ie how FB ranks things and how many fans actually see what you post) you’ve taught me a few new things, and really made the rest EASY to understand! Thank you for that! Look forward to more insights.

  7. Really enjoyed the presentation! Looking forward to see more of this. Thanks!

  8. thank you ! great news inside for me !
    Continue !

  9. wow! great post! thankyou!


  10. Thank you, great read !


  11. cool introduction! actually i never read about facebook storys and edgerank but these tutorial introduced very easy. Superb that it’s not only advertisement for bandpage, can be used by everybody! i sound like a paid comment, haha, but i’m not. looking for more! ;)

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  13. Incredibly helpful, thanks for the tips. Looking forward to more tutorials!

  14. Thanks – I already used some of your tips!

  15. Some good information and advice although the thing about buying tickets was irrelevant to artists like myself who are currently playing free gigs and open mic nights.

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