Make the Move to BandPage

The show is booked. You’ve posted some fliers in coffee shops and music stores around town. Now after all the hard work to get people to the show, the pressure’s on to put on a great show and sell some merch so that you can get enough gas money together to go to the next city.

That’s the usual sequence of events, but it doesn’t have just be that. Things can be much easier, your friends and fans  spread the word, and later that night you’re playing for a packed house.

BandPage can help you get there.

This is the RootMusic commercial that we released earlier this year. The video starts off with a band posting a flier on the street, and a guy walks by and decides to check it out. BandPage is that virtual flier out on the street, except that the “flier” is accessible by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, and can easily be spread and shared across the web.  BandPage has your songs, videos, photos, tour dates, and everything is integrated into Facebook so your fans can tell their friends about you with a click of a button.

We believe connecting with your fans in innovative ways is the future of the music industry, and we’re excited to continue to evolve BandPage for musicians all around the globe. If you’re using BandPage already or you haven’t dove in just yet, please check it out and let us know what you think.  We love hearing your feedback!

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