The Evolution of BandPage

Over the past year and a half, RootMusic has gone from a few people in a living-room to a company that works with over 250,000 musicians from all over the world.

We thought it would be helpful to list out a few of the things that we’ve launched for BandPage over that time. Take a look through the list below and make sure to click on any of the features you would like to learn more about or want to ask any questions about BandPage.

We’re really excited to be where we are today, and look forward to building more for you! Thanks for your support!

6 responses to “The Evolution of BandPage

  1. thank you so much for this list and the associated links! Gets me up to speed on the many changes over the past few months AND i can now send a link to this page to my friends who are still resisting Bandpage (yeah.. i know! who would still resist using bandpage!) . Very cool blog and you guys are just awesome.

  2. How about Spotify Integration?

  3. never heard of rootmusic. is this relative to reverbnation or bandcamp or???

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