Bye BPFF, Long Live Music Monday

Ever have a case of the Mondays? At RootMusic we think one of the best ways to make Mondays awesome is discovering and listening to new music, and that’s why we’re starting BandPage Music Mondays.

You may be familiar with BandPage Follow Friday (#BPFF on Twitter), and BandPage Music Mondays will be the new shiny replacement for BPFF. We’re always trying to help bands reach new listeners, and with Music Mondays we will reach even more fans since Music Monday is already popular on Twitter and blogs. Sure, it’s a bit of a change from what we’ve been doing, but we think it’s a change for the better!

So how’s this going to work? Every Monday we will ask everyone to post their Music Monday suggestions on our BandPage Facebook Page, and we invite you to Tweet your own Music Monday suggestions on Twitter. When you share your Music Monday, make sure to use the band’s link so that fans can quickly check out the band’s BandPage.

What’s even cooler? On Twitter you can post your Music Monday with a couple hashtags (you know, those words with the # sign in front), which makes it really easy for people on Twitter to discover your music in Twitter Search. The hashtags that we’re going to use are #BandPage and #MM (Music Monday’s Hashtag).

Here’s an example Music Monday tweet:

I’m really diggin’ this new @Phantogram EP. Check them out #MM #BandPage

That’s it! We’re looking forward to having our minds blown with all of the awesome new music coming in, and we can’t wait to share the love with thousands of fans and musicians all over the world.

See you on Music Monday!

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