Best Practices Pt 10: Like to Listen

Are you releasing new material? Make your new songs like-to-listen and send fans to your BandPage. Create buzz by leaking your songs on the BandPage before they’re available for sale. Give your fans a free download to show your appreciation in exchange for a like or an email.

You can use gated content to grow your fan base – whether you’re using like to listen, like to download, email to listen or email to download. Using the gated content options will incentivize fans to like your page or join your mailing list before they can stream or download songs. This will help grow your fan base; when a fan likes your page on Facebook, they are subscribing to your posts and updates. Likewise, growing your mailing list is another great way to keep in touch with fans and let them know about your latest and greatest.

You can activate this feature by going to the tools editor at and selecting your tracks. We recommend that you make a few songs like-to-listen, but not all of them. Let new fans hear your music before they like your page.

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