Best Practices pt. 8: Engage your Fans Pt. 1

There’s nothing quite as nice as getting a ton of comments on your posts. Fans want to show you some love, and posts that get more likes and comments will appear at the top of the top news news feed. But you’re probably wondering: how do I get my fans to comment and like my posts?

There’s a ton of advice about this out there, but we really like this Hypebot article. Make your posts short and sweet, and be sure to post when your fans are using Facebook. Posting at 3 a.m. when everybody’s asleep will decrease visibility, but posting on weekends will get more comments. Be sure not to spam your fans – if you post too frequently, your fans might hide your updates in their feed. But make sure you don’t leave them in the cold! We like to post 3-5 times a week, and no more than 3 times a day. As big dates approach – shows, album releases, in store meet ups – be sure to keep them in the know!

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