Best Practices pt 5: Keep posting new content & use AutoShare

The best way to get the most out of your BandPage? Use it all the time! Your fans love what you’re doing, and they want to know about your latest and greatest – so give it to them.

Upload all your new videos, new songs and new tour dates to the BandPage as they come out. Spruce up your BandPage with a fresh design. Let them know that they can come back to the BandPage to check out your latest tunes, show dates and more. When your fans come to rely on your BandPage as the hub of your music, they’ll return time and time again to a place where all your content is dynamically shareable.

You can use AutoShare to take some of the extra work out of posting updates. By enabling AutoShare, an update will be posted to your wall every time you upload new videos, tracks and shows. You can enable AutoShare under the messaging tab – hit “Enable AutoShare” and add a custom message that will go out when you add new content. Check out the video to see how to enable AutoShare:

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