BandTalk with the Glitch Mob

Is it time to dance? We hope so! Check out Glitch Mob to get your groove on. And peep some words of wisdom from these rad LA DJ’s.

RootMusic: How did you get started as musicians?

The Glitch Mob: It all started from a love of sound. None of us intentionally set out to be musicians, we were just doing what we love and pouring everything we have into it.

RM: What did it take to become successful musicians? What were the ups and downs?

GM: I’m not sure we’re totally successful, but we are definitely honored to be doing what we do. More than anything we got to where we are now just by keeping focused on doing our own thing and telling our own story.

RM: Tell us an amazing show/tour story.

GM: Actually, this weekend at Sasquatch Festival we were sharing a green room with the Trailer Park Boys. Some crazy fan somehow got backstage and started yelling at them “PUNCH ME IN THE RIBS! I LOVE YOU GUYS!” Then he told me he takes acid every day.

RM: What venues do you prefer to perform at and why?

GM: We love to play in outdoor locations a lot. Places like The Gorge, Red Rocks or outdoor festivals are the best. Also, there’s nothing like a good intimate show at a theater with good sound.

RM: Do you plan to release any new music soon?

GM: Yes, we are releasing some music very soon….

RM: We noticed that you started using more instruments rather than digital mashups on your recent album – how come?

GM: We like to explore all aspects of sound. It’s all part of the process for us. Be it mashups, guitars, popcorn, whatever… we like to make music with it.

RM: How have you seen the underground movement grow here in the US? In your opinion, what is the future of dubstep?

GM: It’s awesome to see electronic music being accepted more in the states. As time goes on, the lines are getting a lot more blurry. There’s less compartmentalization of music — it’s hard to even say what is “electronic” and what is not these days. Computer production is becoming ubiquitous and it’s fun to be involved in all of it.

RM: How do you use technology to bolster your music career?

GM: We love to use the internet to communicate with our fans. It definitely helps our career, but for us that’s not the point. The point really is to connect with people by whatever means available.

RM: What advice would you give to musicians who are just starting off?

GM: Figure out how to tell your own story, because you are the only one that has it and the world needs to hear it.

Sounds like: Organized chaos
Genre: Adventure dance music
Hometown: LA
Playing since: 2006
Albums released: 1
Band members: 3
Favorite musicians: Life link:

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  1. Tom "K" Zilla

    Love TGM! Good read

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