Best Practices Pt 3: Share. Share. Share.

Question: What’s one of the most awesome features on Facebook?
Answer: Sharing.

Sharing is what powers Facebook. Post a video to your wall, and all your friends can watch, like it, comment and share it back to their friends. And you can do the same with your songs, shows, and even the whole BandPage. With BandPage, you can share tracks that will play in line, similar to how YouTube videos play in line.

You have the option to share songs to your fans – this sends the song to your page’s wall and populates all your fans’ news feeds. When you post a song to your own wall, the song shows up in your friends’ news feeds. You can also post a song on a friend’s wall. Songs play in line, meaning that your fans and friends can scroll through their news feed while playing your song rather than directing away from Facebook.

Encourage your fans to share – that way your fans’ friends will hear the music, too. You might even get a few extra likes. Pretty neat, eh?

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  2. Is Tweet available in an upgrade?

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