New Features!!!

You spoke, we listened! We added tons of new features to both BandPage Basic and BandPage Plus. You’ll find them in the tools editor on the right hand side of your page. Check out the new tools you get with our free package:

Lite Customization Options – We thought your BandPage could use some spice, so we’ve added a banner option as well as limited colorization features to our free package.

Mailing Lists – Yup! You can start collecting email addresses straight from your BandPage and export the contacts to a CSV.

Like to Listen or Download – Want to build your fans? Easy! Use the like to listen or download feature – non fans will have to like your page to gain access to your music.

Banner Link- Simple but effective. Provide a click-through link on your banner to point to your store, webpage, or other promo materials. Don’t forget to tell your fans to click!

And for our BandPage Plus subscribers, along with the full advanced customization editor, we have added some powerful tools!

Gated Content – Content is locked until the user likes the page, joins the mailing List, or tweets. Want to do a fan only download campaign? Tweet to download? Email address to listen? You got it!

Fan Only Banner – Build a different message for non fans and fans. Create a call to action in your banner space and tell non fans to like your page for access to exclusive streams and downloads.

Banner Video – Give your fans an engaging welcome with a custom YouTube video right in the banner space. It works great for featured music videos or calls to action for the fan. Flexible and powerful – you have full control over the size and positioning!

Wanna see it in action? Check out our new tools tour in the video above.

6 responses to “New Features!!!

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  3. Great job on the New Features! Our new BandPage is looking great: and you listened to our requests!! Coool…

  4. Thanks for all the great stuff you guys do, have always been pleased with how you really work at making this feature better and better! I do have a question about the new email add tool… do you have to have a banner first to be able to access and place this feature?

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  6. Hey Heidi,

    Yeah, you need to have a banner where you can place the widget. If you don’t have an image, you can always fill in a solid color background.

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