Convert Personal Profiles into Pages

Why is this awesome? We’ve seen so many rad bands who are using personal profiles to manage their fans, but they’re limited by personal profile restrictions. You can’t have more than 5000 friends, apps can’t be added to personal profiles and friend requests have to be approved.

Now that bands with personal profiles can switch to Facebook fan pages, they can start getting more fans without having to approve new likes, gain an unlimited amount of likes and add apps like BandPage. Now all your fans can finally hear your music on Facebook! New Facebook features also allow users to log into Facebook as a page, liking content on other pages, adding likes to the page and receiving notifications of new comments and likes. One of our favorite things about converting a personal profile into a page is that all your “friends” are automatically converted into “fans.” No extra leg work required!

Learn more about it out on Facebook!

One response to “Convert Personal Profiles into Pages

  1. Just a little question may be you can answer:)
    If we convert our profile to a fanpage, is there a way to merge the actual fans on our fanpage and the futur fans coming from the converted profile? (as they are not the same people and
    1) we don’t want to open a new fanpage
    2) but we would like to add those new people to our existing fanpage where is implemented our BandPage
    We’re curious about that, didn’t find any answer about the merging possibilities and would appreciate your advices or any infos about this.
    Thanks for the great job you’re doing guys! You rule!!

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