What is BandPage Follow Friday?

If you’re a fan of BandPage, you might have heard about this little thing we do called BandPage Follow Friday. But you’re probably wondering – what exactly is BandPage Follow Friday? Good question.

BandPage Follow Friday is our chance to share our favorite, bestest, best sounding, best looking, most exciting BandPages. (You knew we made good technology, but did you also know we have good taste in music? Yup.) Every week, on Friday, we post a link to our favorite BandPages on our Twitter (@RootMusic) with the #BPFF tag.

Ok, so now, you’re probably wondering how we decide our #BPFF BandPages. Well, everyone here LOVES music. Loves it. And we’re always reaching out to bands who we want to use BandPage, talking to bands at shows about it and discovering new bands on BandPage. But, y’know what, we’re also down to listen to some new jams. Which is why we want YOU to send us your listn.to link. We made BandPage for you, and we want to see what you’re doing with it! And if we think it’s awesome, we want to tell all our friends and followers about it. If you want your band to be featured, send us your listn.to links via Twitter with the #BPFF.

But it gets better. If you love music as much as we do, BandPage Follow Friday is another way for you to discover new music. Do you like hardcore Nordic death metal? We got it. Light and fluffy stoner pop? Check. Dance your ass off dance hall? Covered. We’ll be featuring jazz, rock, hip hop and every microgenre you can come up with.

So come dig some new tunes with the RootMusic team, and be sure to share some with us too.

Happy listening!

One response to “What is BandPage Follow Friday?

  1. How can we promote Sierra Heiny and get the word out to people not on facebook or You Tube. Her music is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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