Welcome to the RootMusic Blog!

Somebody told us about this new fangled thing called a “blog.” We thought we’d give it a spin.

So what can you expect from the RootMusic blog? 100% unadulterated awesomeness. We’ll be bringing you updates on what we’ve been up to (press releases! new products! exciting news!), guest posts from bands (for some old fashioned advice-giving), music industry updates, how to get the most out of your BandPage and we might even throw in some techie stuff, too (php? javascript? uh, what?). It’ll pretty much a peek into the RootMusic brain. Which is great, cuz if you’re using BandPage, we’ve probably already got a lot in common.

So, come, check it out, comment, like, tweet, post some links … it’s just more of us, hanging out with you.

One response to “Welcome to the RootMusic Blog!

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